What are the requirements for the selection of friction materials for elevator friction lining?




Because of its fast speed and frequent use, the friction lining of the passenger elevator has high requirements on the selection of friction materials, mainly graphite and resin, as well as formulated materials, such as nano calcium carbonate JTC, ceramic powder instead of resin, new material carbon carbon fiber EKC instead of asbestos fiber, inorganic whiskers, silicon dioxide, oil resistant materials, high wear resistant metal powder and other raw materials.

The elevator friction lining is mixed and pressed with new technology to ensure stable high-temperature friction performance. The elevator friction plate has the advantages of superior performance, noiseless, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. Elevator friction lining products were basically imported before.

Before assembling the elevator friction lining materials, mechanical processing, such as drilling, riveting and assembly, must be carried out to manufacture the brake lining assembly or clutch assembly. In the working process of elevator friction lining, the friction lining material of electric elevator should not only withstand high temperature, but also withstand high pressure and shear force. Therefore, the friction material must have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that the friction plate of the electric lift will not break during processing or use. In order to ensure that the clutch plate will not break under the working condition of high-speed rotation, the motor elevator friction plate is required to have sufficient impact strength, static bending strength, large strain value and rotating fracture strength.