Many people change the brake discs to ceramic ones? Why is this?




Cars have gradually stepped into our lives. People usually have too much pressure in their daily life. They usually choose to travel on holidays or holidays. Although China's traffic development has gradually stepped into the forefront in the world, there are still many inconveniences, so many people will choose to buy their own cars, so that the development of the automobile industry is growing. Today, Xiaobian will continue to take you to know something about cars. About 60 brake pads of the car were replaced because of the abnormal noise of the brake pads.

Ceramic brake pads have better heat dissipation performance and soft texture, which can better solve the problem of brake pad abnormal noise. Therefore, when there is brake abnormal noise, we all recommend that the main structure of ceramic brake pad ceramic brake pad replacement is no different from that of our ordinary brake pad. The main reason is that our ceramic brake pad friction materials are different, ceramic brake The biggest difference between car and traditional brake pads is that there is no metal. The metal in the traditional brake pad is the main friction material, which has great braking force, but it is easy to wear and make noise, while the metal content in the traditional brake pad is more metal fiber.


Especially when the car is cold and the air temperature is dry, it is easy to cause sharp abnormal noise when we brake, especially when we go to the car in the morning when we park the car, the abnormal noise of the brake pads is obvious, and it is easy to replace the ceramic brake pads. Some of them are young drivers who have several high requirements for the brake system, and they like to toss the car when they see the advantages of the ceramic brake pads The other situation is that I want to change the ceramic brake pads, because I am troubled by the abnormal noise of ordinary brake pads, and I want to change the ceramic brake pads to obtain a quieter braking sound.

So if our cars are prone to noise, we can also consider replacing ceramic brake pads to obtain a quieter braking system. We all know that the brake system is easy to generate high temperature, so after continuous braking, the performance of traditional brake pads will decline (soften), while ceramic brake pads perform much better in this respect. In addition, the traditional semi-metallic brake pads have a harsh friction sound when braking in an emergency, while the noise of ceramic brake pads is smaller and quieter. Moreover, although the performance of Semi-metallic Brake Pads in terms of dust is much better than that of organic brake pads, because there are still graphite and other materials, there will still be dust in daily use.


This kind of dust is harmful to people, so ceramic brake pads also have advantages in cleaning. The car really brings us a lot of convenience in our life. I don't know what you think about this article of Xiaobian today? If you have any suggestions, you can leave a comment below. The editor will draw on your valuable opinions and bring you more articles about cars. Let's work together and make progress together. Like this article's small partner may pay little attention to give the small editor a little encouragement.