Principle of formula design of friction plate




The friction plate achieves various properties of the product through the ratio of various friction materials by the R&D personnel. In the ratio, the R&D personnel will use the comprehensive ratio of various materials instead of adding them in large proportion for a certain performance, which will make the friction plate produced cannot be used normally. The proportion of friction materials is required by certain requirements, and we will talk about the principles below.

1. Scientific principle:

(1) Meet the performance requirements of friction plate.

(2) Understand the physical, chemical and structural characteristics of friction materials

(3) Pay attention to the influence of coordination on product quality

(4) Pay attention to the amount limit of various friction materials

(5) Various collocation of low-cost friction materials

(6) Use of additives

(7) The typical formula can not be used mechanically

2. Economic principle:

(1) On the premise of meeting the service performance of the friction plate, the friction materials with lower price shall be selected as far as possible

(2) Develop local friction material resources and obtain materials nearby

(3) The formula is applicable to the process method with simple process, high productivity, short production cycle, less energy consumption and material consumption, and less investment

3. Principle of legality:

There are two kinds of product standards issued by the state, one is recommended standards, the other is mandatory standards.