Formula design characteristics of friction plate




Due to the different use requirements and environments of friction plates, the proportion of friction plate material formula is also different. Therefore, in addition to the basic friction plate formula, companies specializing in the production of friction plates will have many unique formulas to make customer specific friction plates. What are the characteristics of our friction plate formulation?

1. The formula design of friction plate is composed of a variety of friction materials. Generally, it is composed of basic materials such as adhesive, reinforcement fiber, friction increasing fiber, antifriction fiber, and performance regulating materials.

2. Formula design of friction plate is a problem of different varieties and dosage of friction materials. In different friction plate formulations, the variety and amount of friction materials are often different according to the actual use.

3. There are many and strong interactions between various raw materials in the friction plate formula. The interaction between various performance regulators and reinforcing materials, and between adhesives and reinforcing materials is obvious.

4. The manufacturing process sometimes has a decisive influence on the formula design of the friction plate. Formula, process conditions, raw materials, equipment and product structure are strongly dependent and restricted.

5. The experimental error must be eliminated as far as possible in the formula design of friction plate.

6. Combination of formula experience rule and statistical mathematics