Pressing process of friction plate




The main process of friction plate production is hot pressing, which is traditionally divided into dry production process and wet production process. While the common production process is mainly dry process, the wet process is not only characterized by many processes, long time, large energy consumption, but also large equipment investment, which is not widely used.

The dry production process is that the adhesive resin or rubber appears in the form of powder in the friction plate mixing process. This process has the following characteristics:

1. The friction plate is made of fiber powder mixture.

2. In the process of pressing, the feeding is convenient, and it is easy to distribute evenly in the mold cavity, with good fluidity. It can be hot pressed after the cold embryo is made by the pre forming process.

3. Simple process, good adjustable product performance.

4. During the mixing process, the fiber has good extensibility and the friction plate has high strength.

5. The cost of friction plate is low.

Because of the above advantages, the dry process can meet the performance requirements of most friction discs.