Braiding process of friction plate




Due to man hour, cost and other reasons, we often use dry production process, while wet production process is relatively rare, but some weaving production process is wet production process.

As the name suggests, the weaving production process is to make friction plates like the bamboo mats before, one by one. There is also his unique way for weaving.

1. Raw materials - embryo preparation - forming and curing - heat treatment - subsequent processing. This is the most common manufacturing process, but due to the different functions, technologies, materials, etc. of braided friction discs, the process will also change.

2. The continuous fiber of braided friction plate can be woven into shape during the forming process of friction plate, or it can be woven into cloth or ribbon shaped embryo first.

3. Type embryo preparation. Impregnate the phenolic resin solution or rubber glue and dry it. The dried fiber is made into preform by special equipment, which can be used in the forming and curing process.

4. Forming and curing.

5. The subsequent process of subsequent processing of braided friction plate is basically the same as that of molded friction plate.