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Organic friction plate


WDF510性能数据参考  摩擦性能试验(FrictionPerformanceTest)     弯曲性能试验(FlexuralStrengthTest) 项目NO.δ(mm)破坏挠度W(N)最大负荷b(mm)试片宽度L(mm)支点间距离σ(N/mm2)弯曲强度e(mm/mm)10-2最大应变切片16.88230154057.555.6310.3210.61切片27.2621515405410.89备注面片弯曲强度公式:σ=3wL/2bd2;面片最大应变公式:e=6d/L2×δ工艺要求:抗弯强度≥45N/mm2;弯曲最大应变≥0.7x10-2mm/mm


WDK828 is made of high-quality composite material, acrylic fiber and high-component copper wire. It has stable friction and wear performance and high resistance to rotation damage. This product specializes in the development of start-up jedder for auto clutches and has excellent starting comfort.


WDK508 uses acrylic fiber, acrylic fiber, alkali-free glass fiber and copper fiber to form the skeleton material. It uses temperature-resistant liquid resin and modified phenolic resin to improve the friction performance at high temperature. It adopts American imported friction powder and adopts environmentally friendly solvent-free extrusion process.
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