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Wanda Friction is a professional friction material R&D and manufacturer. Its main products are automotive clutch discs, copper based friction discs, friction discs for construction machinery transmission, etc.

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The friction between the disc brake pad and the brake disc forms a friction duality, which generates braking torque and converts the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat energy. When the vehicle weight is transferred to the front axle during braking, the brake of the front wheel will inevitably bear the braking force.

Therefore, the front brake friction lining and brake disc are components that bear greater pressure in the vehicle, and they are vulnerable to high temperature, mechanical and chemical loads. Therefore, the performance of a brake friction plate must meet three requirements: safety, comfort and service life. The criteria for evaluating brake friction lining mainly include the following factors:

Friction coefficient - good brake friction plate, whose friction coefficient must be high enough and stable under various driving conditions

The dynamic friction coefficient of the brake friction plate determines the size of the braking force, and also plays a decisive role in the braking balance and the stability of vehicle handling during braking. The reduction of friction coefficient will cause considerable changes in braking performance, which may lead to a significant increase in braking distance.

Therefore, the friction coefficient of the brake friction plate must be stable under all driving conditions (speed, temperature, humidity and pressure) and throughout its service life. In other words, the friction coefficient of a good brake friction plate must be high enough and stable under various driving conditions.

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